Sunday, March 23, 2008

Most Simply DIY Instruction on Cmoy Headphone Amplifier.

Most simply DIY instruction on Cmoy Headphone Amplifier

As you can see the layout shown above, Please print it out by click on it to enlarge and save to print.

Component Part List;

2 x 4.7k ohms 1/4w (R1)
2 x 100k ohms 1/4w (R2)
2 x 1k ohms 1/4w (R3)
2 x 10k ohms 1/4w (R4)
2 x 100 ohms 1/4w (R5)

2 x 220 uf 25v (C1)
2 x 0.1 uf (C2)

Transistor IC:
1 x OPA 2227

1 x 10 k Dual Pot (Volume Control)
1 x On/Off Switch
2 x 9V Battery Cell

I have plot out the 3 area where we got to focus 1 at a time. They are Right channel component, Left channel component and power supply component. You may pick any area to start with but never jump to another area until you have fully completed that area. For e.g I start with Right Channel component area then Left Channel component area and lastly the Power supply area. The reason why I told you to do so is when you complete each area it become 1 whole component just like an IC Chips and it will certainly look much easier to build and less mistake.

Your next question might be, "hey where to I place all this resistor and capacitor?"
Ans: There are a few way to do it;

1) Use a wooded board to be the base and lay each component to look like above layout and use some wire to link up the connection.

2) If you have a good soldering skill, then you may use a PCB board to solder the connection on the reverse side of the PCB board.

3) Use your creative to hook up everything.

I would suggest way number 1, reason is the purpose of this project is the get the music out to headphone and to your ear, not messy stuff that you can't enjoy the music at all.

Alright I leave the rest to you to build, if there is anything you wanna ask me can leave me a comment and i will try to answer you.
Good Luck and wish you success!

William Neo

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Aenn Seidhe Priest said...


Can the amp use a couple rechargeable AA batteries instead of 9V batteries? Rechargeable AA batteries have a better power output (mA/H).

Anonymous said...

omg this is good!!
the best site so far for explaining the complicated amp stuff to a newbie like me..
thumbs up!!

vladislav-1992 said...

yeah but how to know how to orientate the electrolytic capacitors?

Tejus said...

I built the amp..and its working like a BLAST!
As opa 2227 wasn't available in Bangalore I used lm358 which costs less than 0.1$.
Its time now to case it.
But no altoid or altoid like tins here. Any I ideas u got for me?

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Stacey said...
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Chris said...


Is is possible to drive the amp to one 9V battery only?
Otherwise the case have to be some kind of big ;)


Marius Dobre said...

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